A Head of Steam

We welcome Hofstra alum, professor, and poet Connie Roberts to the blogosphere and look forward to reading more. Watch out for her when she gets up a head of steam.

Connie Roberts Poet

Summer 2013 I was home in Ireland for the Listowel Writers’ Week Festival—I’d been awarded that year’s Poetry Collection Prize—when I happened upon an art exhibition in the Seanchaí Centre: Two Worlds: The Allegorical and the Real. The exhibiting artists were Aidan McDermott and Geraldine O’Reilly Hynes; the promotional literature stated that they would “present us with works of dreams and reality—an alchemist’s garden of mysterious endeavours [Aidan] and the reality of nature’s hidden bowers and vistas [Geraldine].” When I walked into the Seanchaí Centre, my eyes were immediately drawn to a striking Surrealist work by Aidan, displayed prominently on an easel in the cozy room: a painting of a woman in a vibrant red dress with a shiny teapot head, kneeling atop a wooden dolly, which she attempts to row with a large wooden spoon. Charmed by the dazzling teapot, I ambled over to take a closer look. I…

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